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Volunteer in Nazareth

The Fauzi Azar is a gorgeous two century-old stone house located in the heart of Nazareth. There are 16 rooms in total, both dorm rooms and private rooms. The rooms are spacious, well designed and full of character.

Why volunteer?

We opened a tourism business in the middle of one of the poorest areas in Israel. We work and collaborate with the surrounding community and contribute to its development in all areas. We are using local resources and creating new work places, raising the self-image of the local community, while allowing for economical growth, and keeping the universal values of nature and environmental perseverance intact.

Furthermore, we are creating for the first time in Nazareth a new model for tourism, and thus hope to break walls that exist between the Arab and Jewish population. At the same time we are creating a model for increased tourism along the Israel National Trail (Shvil Israel) and the recently completed Jesus Trail in order to promote both trails and the corresponding economic potential. We greatly value and appreciate the volunteers; time and efforts. We want their time here to be meaningful, fulfilling, and educational.

The volunteers at the Fauzi Azar are an integral part of the staff and contributing to the special atmosphere of the Inn. Volunteering at the Fauzi is an opportunity to experience a life in this unique city, be part of the local community, interact with people from very different backgrounds and contribute to the inn’s goals.

Among other things, volunteers will be involved in hosting the guests, helping with breakfast, planing and running the evening social events and assisting with housekeeping. Volunteers will also be encouraged to help with other projects – no matter what your skills and talents, there will be some way they can be used to benefit the Fauzi Azar .

What’s Included?

The volunteers get a bed in a shared room (mixed dorms) with private toilet&shower, free breakfast, free WIFI, free laundry once a week and much more. We encourage our volunteers to go on our tours which they get for free (based on availability) and also to stay in other hostels around Israel, most of them for free or with a major discount.

Requirements for volunteers

  • Age 21-40
  • A 6-9 week commitment. During that time, volunteers will work 5 times a week for 5-6 hours at a time.
  • Good level of English
  • Experienced travellers who have stayed in several hostels before

In order to register for the program we take a 100usd fee as a guarantee for being serious about your commitment. The total value of your stay and free tours is well beyond this amount (you are only required to pay this fee if your application is successful and you are chosen for the program).

Contact Information

If you are interested in being part of the Abraham Hostel team, send your CV to


We thank our guests for recognizing us widely and nominating us for so many local and international awards.