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About Us

Some niches are waiting eagerly to be filled, and some people are looking for niches they are passionate about filling.

It is a wonderful thing when the two come together, and this is just what we are seeing in Abraham Hostel Jerusalem. In a city craving visitors and quality, affordable places for them to stay, Abraham Hostel Jerusalem and its founders are excited to be on the forefront of reviving the presence and experience of independent backpackers in Jerusalem, Israel and the Middle East region.

The Founders

It was three young Israeli backpackers, and two old nomads, who dreamed of a hostel that would function as a one-stop all-inclusive hub for travelers in hopes of making Israel a destination for independent backpackers like themselves, stimulating the local economy and revealing the reality and value of this region to the world.

Gal Mor
Yaron Burgin
Maoz Inon
Nitzan Kimchi
Dror Tishler

The Hostel Story

Maoz Inon, founder of the Fauzi Azar Inn in Nazareth and co founder of the Jesus Trail met Gal Mor, fellow globetrotter and travel entrepreneur through their mutual efforts to promote Israel as a leading destination for backpackers and independent travelers. The two dreamed of a hostel that would function as a one-stop all-encompassing hub for independent travelers, providing everything from an affordable bed and trustworthy tour and travel information to language classes, bike rentals and fun local events. They knew there was great potential for a place such as this to bring travelers together, stimulate the local economy and revolutionize the world’s view of Israel and the Middle East by revealing the local reality and all that this region has to offer to one backpacker at a time.

In order to realize their dream the young entrepreneurs asked Nitzan Kimchi and Dror Tishler to join them, initially as investors and later on – contributing from their experience, knowledge and expertise in the fields of financial and human resources management, strategic thinking, branding, designing and more.

Nitzan and Dror are experienced backpackers who travelled extensively worldwide as well as in Israel. As businessmen, they were the founders and managers of Kata-Bags (Kata is a world wide leading company in protective lightweight carrying solutions and travel gear mainly for video and photographic equipment under the brands Kata and National Geographic) .

In 2006, while backpacking around Israel, Yaron Burgin met Maoz Inon at his hostel, Fauzi Azar Inn, in Nazareth. They discovered their shared love for travel and their desire to improve Israel’s status as a desirable destination for independent backpackers. From this, they created ILH, a network of Israeli hostels with European standards of cleanliness, true backpackers’ vibes and affordable rates. Shortly after Abraham Hostel Jerusalem was launched Yaron joined as the fifth partner to complete and compliment the partnership.

In September 2010, with their vision fully developed and clear, their combined efforts paid off when Gal managed to secure 67 HaNevi’im, a previously student-occupied residential building and the hostel’s current location. By early October renovations began, and by November 18 Abraham Hostel Jerusalem was open for business, taking reservations and hosting curious and well-satisfied travelers. They had six dorms, several private rooms, a makeshift lobby containing the Indie Travelers’ Center, and a bit of a mess as renovations continued; however, impressively, Abraham Hostel Jerusalem was already ranked number one on many hostel booking engines among Israeli hostels. Over the next six months the face and spirit of the hostel grew and evolved to include many more dorms and private rooms, a beautiful, large common room with a full guest kitchen, a bar, plasma TV room, internet gallery, laundry facilities and more. Today, Abraham Hostel Jerusalem offers nightly events for guests ranging from Live Music Night to Shabbat Dinner and lectures from Travelers’ Language Lectures in Hebrew and Arabic to Travel Tips for Israel, the West Bank and the Region. There are tours leaving every day from the lobby in association with Abraham Tours going to the Dead Sea, Galilee, the West Bank, Mahane Yehuda Market, among many other locations. More and more each day, Abraham Hostel Jerusalem is meeting all the needs of the travelers coming to see and experience the Middle East Region.

The Name

As their vision developed, the crucial decision of the hostel’s name was becoming increasingly urgent. Many ideas were tossed around, but the idea of Abraham kept resurfacing in conversation. Historically, a man known for hospitality with his tent flap always open to offer food, drink and rest, he was the first truly regional traveler and is today a unifying symbol among the area’s most prominent faiths. These qualities made him a fitting representation of what the founders of Abraham Hostel were hoping to bring the world, and, thus, the decision was made.

The Vision

Driven by their successes in Jerusalem, the 5 partners are excited to bring the spirit and services Abraham Hostels to Tel Aviv, the rest of Israel and cities throughout the region. They look forward to offering true hospitality and bringing more and more people together, helping them experience fully all that this region has to offer.


We thank our guests for recognizing us widely and nominating us for so many local and international awards.